About Me

profpicWelcome! My name is Brandon Balentine. I’m a thirty something hubby/daddy/dude with a degree in graphic arts and a history of getting people online with their own website. After college, I honed my design skills in the print industry. I created billboards, banners, wrapped race cars and much more. Clients I worked with include PGA, NASCAR, Kellogg, Sony…

…Impressed yet?

Over the last five or six years, web development started to become more than just a hobby for me. I love doing it, but word of mouth has gotten me a more extensive client list than my spare time can afford. My lawn still needs mowed and children still need loved… and spanked. But I can’t just leave people site-less! So I am no longer in the print industry. Web development is now my job and my focus for the 8+ hours per day my family allows me to work.

Small business sites, hobby sites, blogs, landing pages and small web applications are my forte. Please don’t ask me to build you an eBay… It’s happened… not kidding. If you own a flower shop, sell t-shirts, want to sell canned goods out of your house, are in a band, need your own space to post funny cat videos, I am your guy. I’ve helped people grow recognition for their restaurants, for their band, for their charity, for their ministry, for their church… and the list goes on. Check out some of the examples of my work and contact me if you’ve got questions about your own website.