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PrimeTime Sports Academy

PrimeTime Sports Academy is a baseball batting cage and training facility. They work with all ages on their game all year round. The Problem This customer came to me frustrated. He had gotten no where with his website after four developers. When I went to take a look, there were blank pages, broken links, confusing ux and nothing was really functional. The customer wanted to have an online booking program that his clients could come to and book an appointment with a staff member without him ever [Read more…]

KuKui’s Shaved Ice

KuKui’s is a small restaurant in Shipshewana, Indiana. They serve shave ice that tastes as close to Hawaiian style shave ice as you can get without making a trip to the actual island. The somewhat comical thing about that is KuKui’s is located in the middle of an Amish empire. On the market strip where KuKui’s is located, you’ll find Amish baked goods, Amish sewing, Amish carvings, Amish buggies… and… Hawaiian  Shave Ice. The Problem This customer had no website at all and simply needed a [Read more…]

Elkhart East Christian

Elkhart East Christian Church is a small church located on the border of Michigan and Indiana. They pull off some amazing events and have a very enthusiastic congregation, but no one would have known it by their old website. The Problem There website was outdated. There was no current information on it. Visitors stopped coming long before I arrived on the scene. The site was difficult to manage and update for church members. The Solution I immediate thought to set the church up with a WordPress [Read more…]

Agio Imaging

Agio Imaging is a grand format digital imaging company. In layman’s terms, they’re a printing company. They aren’t your average business card, letterhead type print shop though. No… These guys print MASSIVE things. A billboard would be an example of something large they can print, but it wouldn’t do them justice. They print building wraps, banners in excess of 400 feet long, wrap semi trailers. Ok I think you’re getting the picture. The Problem There website was almost without images and was [Read more…]

Calvary Chapel KV

This is my church. I built this in the early days of my WordPress adventures and it’s probably time for a tune up, but it’s worth mentioning some of the neat features that are built into this site. Online schedule and event calendar (managed by: not me) MapQuest widget for easy directions to the church Paypal Donation and Tithing Live radio broadcast Sermon Browser – Archives and lists all recorded sermons You can view this project at [Read more…]


PointClickTrack is an affiliate network. Their goal is to attract site owners so they can establish a mutually profitable relationship by working together to earn commissions from prospective advertisers. When I was contacted to do some development for PointClickTrack, they already had a website. It was old, static and hadn’t been updated in years. My goal was to freshen up their look and add much more content to their  site. Sometimes less is not more. There were only a few pages that were mostly [Read more…]

Eden Children’s Village

Eden Children’s Village is an organization in Zimbabwe where missionaries work to create a self-sustaining environment for AIDS orphans and others in need. They teach people basic education, farming skills, sewing skills, and much more. I loved the idea of a mission that didn’t just give a man a fish, but rather teach him how to fish. So when they needed better online representation, I couldn’t wait to help. The Problem Eden Children’s village had a website, but it had been over a decade since [Read more…]

Finally, A site of my own

First, a bit of background My name is Brandon Balentine. I’m thirty something with a degree in graphic arts. I came up through the print industry and eventually converted to web design. There are many reasons for my conversion, but we’ll save that for another conversation. So now I’ve been in web design game for over a decade. At first only as a hobby here and there, but then more seriously through contract work for about the past six years. Small business, hobby sites, blogs, landing pages and [Read more…]