PointClickTrack Affiliate NetworkPointClickTrack is an affiliate network. Their goal is to attract site owners so they can establish a mutually profitable relationship by working together to earn commissions from prospective advertisers. When I was contacted to do some development for PointClickTrack, they already had a website. It was old, static and hadn’t been updated in years. My goal was to freshen up their look and add much more content to their  site. Sometimes less is not more. There were only a few pages that were mostly text and shorter in length than your average email.

So here’s what I did:

  • Created graphic sliders to represent several slash pages directly on the home page
  • Reorganized their site
  • Added loads more content
  • Created a sharp edgy theme using greens over a dark background.
  • Created graphics to represent some of the company’s features such as (Fifty Buck Guarantee,  Content Monetizer, Referral Program, WallAds and others)
  • Created a Facebook page and a Twitter Page for their business

Check out my work at http://www.pointclicktrack.com/