Bluehost Hosting Upgrade Paths


I’ve gone around and around the hosting wheel and finally landed on a comfortable, affordable selection; Bluehost. I’ve had many client websites with Bluehost throughout the years, but I had never really been deeply involved with them. My clients would give me FTP and DB access and I was all set. However, recently there’s been a growing number of my clients that don’t want anything to do with setting up databases or ftp users or even managing email accounts. Through Bluehost, I’m able to have one account that can host as many websites as I want. That being said, everyone knows that only means that everyone’s site would get slower and slower as you add more sites and more load on the server. True enough. However, Bluehost offers really affordable upgrade plans that will allow users to level-up hosting as the need arises.

Shared Hosting Basic

I started out with just my site on a shared hosting account for just $4.95 per month. This plan comes with:

  • unlimited domains
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited websites
  • unlimited email accounts
  • free domain
  • automated backups
  • 24/7 support
  • $200 in free offers
  • money-back guarantee

This was great for just my site. The cPanel was user friendly and familiar. Support is English speaking (no heavy accents) and knowledgeable. Now that I had been on Bluehost for a little while, I felt comfortable recommending it to my clients. In fact, I decided those clients of mine which don’t want to manage their cPanel would be best served by being added to my hosting account. This way, they don’t have to administer their cPanel and I get to have them share my hosting cost. However, I didn’t want to do this on the bottom rung hosting plan, so I upgraded.

Shared Hosting Pro

The Pro package is $20 per month and offers the following:

  • +5x server performance
  • domain privacy
  • dedicated IP
  • SSL certificate
  • Backups PRO
  • 10 anti-spam email accounts

Pro hosting is essentially the same thing as shared hosting with a few key differences. Unlike the Shared Hosting plan, the Pro Hosting plan was a server shared only among other Pro Package users. This means there were fewer users per shared server, thus decreasing server load and increasing server response times. The server specs were also beefier compared to that of  Shared Hosting plan. I realized if I got this plan and moved my next few clients to my server, my hosting would eventually be snappier and paid for. Perfect!

Shared Hosting Pro is the plan I’m currently on and have loved it. All of my clients’ websites as well as my own seem snappy and responsive. The biggest downfall is it only supports one SSL certificate. If one of my clients wants to start selling online and needs an SSL certificate, I will need to upgrade to something that supports more than one SSL.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is my next move. For $29.99 per month you get the following:

  • One CPU core
  • 2GB available RAM
  • 30GB SAN storage
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 1 IP
  • free domain
  • 24/7 support
  • money-back guarantee

More importantly, multiple SSL certificate support. There are categories within VPS Hosting too. You can upgrade your bulk up your server by going to more cores, more ram, more storage, etc by paying more monthly. This is no longer a shared plan so you’re the only one on it. I will eventually be moving to this hosting plan as soon as I outgrow my Pro plan. Also worth noting is that this is a seamless upgrade from Pro; No moving site files or email hosting or databases… just upgrade and Bluehost takes care of the rest!

To Sum Up

I really have enjoyed working with Bluehost. They have a nice array of hosting plans that should suite anyones needs. Most plans have a fairly simple upgrade path. Early on, I was calling support with Bluehost often (Not their fault. I wanted to try, but then cancelled my reseller account). Every single person was helpful, polite and knowledgeable.  That last one is important to me. I hate going into an electronics store these days and knowing more about what they’re selling than the guy selling it to me. I digress. Anyway, I’m looking forward to growing with this company and I fully recommend Bluehost.