Area Wide Transport

areawide_new_siteArea Wide Transport is a SW Michigan transportation service.

The Problem


This customer was ready for an updated look. He didn’t spend a lot of time giving me details and creative direction. He simply said “Take a look at my site and tell me what you think”. After looking his site over, I determined their were two routes to go with upgrading this site. One would be to update the appearance and make it mobile friendly. The other approach would be to update the appearance, make it mobile friendly, and build in an appointment manager. I sent the customer both options and he chose option number one.

The Solution

Updated Appearance
Because this was a lower budget upgrade with no requirements of a content managment system, I decided Bootstrap would be a good fit for this project. Great built in styling, an easy-to-use grid system, and a large support community makes Bootstrap one of my favorite design frameworks to use.

I started by redrawing their existing logo in Adobe Illustrator. The customer provided logo file was unusable. I made use of some great stock photos, used modern fonts through Google’s font api, used icons and slideshows, and through in a little css animation to bring this site up to date.

Mobile Friendly Design
Bootstrap’s grid system is fantastic. It takes a little bit to get used to if you’ve never used it before, but once you get the hang of it, you can really start to develop responsive sites quickly using Bootstrap’s 12 column grid system. I design on a desktop so I build for the desktop version of the site first then use google chrome to show me the mobile view and add grid system classes to accommodate the smaller screens.

Original mobile

Original mobile

New mobile

New mobile

In the end, this site turned out great for screens of all sizes and gave me an opportunity to flex my Bootstrap muscle.

Wrapping Up
When the site was built and ready to launch I pushed it to my bluehost web server. All that remained was pointing the domains to it. Because the old designer no longer wanted to be responsible for the domains and they were in his name, we needed to transfer them. I opted to transfer them into my care for now, but wouldn’t normally do that. Domain transfers can be painfully slow. There are a multitude of steps and half of the required actions are not in your control or on your timeline. In the future, I think I’ll have the former designer point the DNS to my server and have them work the domain ownership details out with the customer.

Website Features

  • Updated, responsive theme
  • Photo Slider
  • Logo Redraw
  • Contact form
  • FAQ script

Live Project

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