Behrens Custom Cabinetry Update


This website needed some good size modifications. The design was nice, but it lacked two major components of a modern website.

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Security

I originally built this site upon WordPress and it was not hosted on my bluehost server. I can’t speak for the integrity or security of the former host, but I can say this, I’ve never had as many security problems with any of my WordPress sites on any other host. So after a multitude of hack attempts, I talked with the site owner and agreed to rebuild it and move it to a more secure location. The only thing the site owner asked is that it would be mobile-friendly. No problem!


I used a lot of the same basic elements as the first time I designed it, but modernized it a little. I kept the wood grain header and the dark background. Google fonts were used for some custom styled headlines. I built my own custom image gallery using Bootstrap’s modal element. The gallery navigation is cleaner and easier to find what you want. Now I just need to get more pictures from him… That’s always the struggle.