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Bluehost VS Godaddy – Bluehost Beats GoDaddy by Offering FREE Domains

Bluehost VS Godaddy – Admittedly, I’m biased towards Bluehost, but it’s hard not to brag on your long-time favorite when Bluehost is offering a free domain with signup right now! When I started out building websites, I tried a number of different hosting providers. Although they’ve all come a long way since I first started, they’ve paced each other for the most part and there’s not one that has stolen the show. That said, two that stand out near the top of the heap are Bluehost and GoDaddy. [Read more…]

Behrens Custom Cabinetry Update

This website needed some good size modifications. The design was nice, but it lacked two major components of a modern website. Responsive Design Security I originally built this site upon WordPress and it was not hosted on my bluehost server. I can’t speak for the integrity or security of the former host, but I can say this, I’ve never had as many security problems with any of my WordPress sites on any other host. So after a multitude of hack attempts, I talked with the site owner [Read more…]

Area Wide Transport

Area Wide Transport is a SW Michigan transportation service. The Problem This customer was ready for an updated look. He didn’t spend a lot of time giving me details and creative direction. He simply said “Take a look at my site and tell me what you think”. After looking his site over, I determined their were two routes to go with upgrading this site. One would be to update the appearance and make it mobile friendly. The other approach would be to update the appearance, make it mobile friendly, [Read more…]

L&L Driving School

L&L Driving School is a local company that provides drivers education to Southwest Michigan students. The Problem The owner of L&L Driving School was ready to move her business online. She wanted her students to start booking classes online and managing student records online. She was ready to have online payments instead of checks, cash and IOU’s. Furthermore, she had recently purchased a large new facility to start drivers ed in a bigger city and she wanted to get her online appearance [Read more…]

Resell Hosting for Client Management?

Definitely Not! At least not through a reseller package. A little while back I decided to get a reseller account for the sole purpose of being able to manage my clients websites all in one spot. What started out as a move towards organization and streamlined functionality quickly became tedious hosting package creation, billing software setup, sign up for hosting landing pages, and worst of all, many many many cpanel credentials to keep track of and log into. This was not at all what I was looking [Read more…]

Bluehost Hosting Upgrade Paths

I’ve gone around and around the hosting wheel and finally landed on a comfortable, affordable selection; Bluehost. I’ve had many client websites with Bluehost throughout the years, but I had never really been deeply involved with them. My clients would give me FTP and DB access and I was all set. However, recently there’s been a growing number of my clients that don’t want anything to do with setting up databases or ftp users or even managing email accounts. Through Bluehost, I’m able to have [Read more…]

Berean Global

 Berean Global is an organization that works to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many parts of the world. They also work to provide some free health care to several regions in Africa. The Problem The owner of was frustrated with his former developer and ready to have a completed, live, functional site. His old site was unorganized, incomplete and static. This customer wasn’t very particular about what the site would look like as long as it looked professional, had his information, [Read more…]

Behrens Cabinetry

 Behrens Cabinetry is owned and operated by Keith Behrens. He’s a master craftsman whose attention to detail and undeniable artistry continue to win over more and more customers. Home owners and businesses who are growing tired of the same generic furniture and cabinetry options the big box stores have to offer seek out Keith for custom, eye-catching craftsmanship. Although Keith has been in wood working for many years, it was only a few years ago he decided to open his own shop and he was going [Read more…]

PrimeTime Sports Academy

PrimeTime Sports Academy is a baseball batting cage and training facility. They work with all ages on their game all year round. The Problem This customer came to me frustrated. He had gotten no where with his website after four developers. When I went to take a look, there were blank pages, broken links, confusing ux and nothing was really functional. The customer wanted to have an online booking program that his clients could come to and book an appointment with a staff member without him ever [Read more…]

KuKui’s Shaved Ice

KuKui’s is a small restaurant in Shipshewana, Indiana. They serve shave ice that tastes as close to Hawaiian style shave ice as you can get without making a trip to the actual island. The somewhat comical thing about that is KuKui’s is located in the middle of an Amish empire. On the market strip where KuKui’s is located, you’ll find Amish baked goods, Amish sewing, Amish carvings, Amish buggies… and… Hawaiian  Shave Ice. The Problem This customer had no website at all and simply needed a [Read more…]