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Bluehost VS Godaddy – Bluehost Beats GoDaddy by Offering FREE Domains

Bluehost VS Godaddy – Admittedly, I’m biased towards Bluehost, but it’s hard not to brag on your long-time favorite when Bluehost is offering a free domain with signup right now! When I started out building websites, I tried a number of different hosting providers. Although they’ve all come a long way since I first started, they’ve paced each other for the most part and there’s not one that has stolen the show. That said, two that stand out near the top of the heap are Bluehost and GoDaddy. [Read more…]

Resell Hosting for Client Management?

Definitely Not! At least not through a reseller package. A little while back I decided to get a reseller account for the sole purpose of being able to manage my clients websites all in one spot. What started out as a move towards organization and streamlined functionality quickly became tedious hosting package creation, billing software setup, sign up for hosting landing pages, and worst of all, many many many cpanel credentials to keep track of and log into. This was not at all what I was looking [Read more…]

Bluehost Hosting Upgrade Paths

I’ve gone around and around the hosting wheel and finally landed on a comfortable, affordable selection; Bluehost. I’ve had many client websites with Bluehost throughout the years, but I had never really been deeply involved with them. My clients would give me FTP and DB access and I was all set. However, recently there’s been a growing number of my clients that don’t want anything to do with setting up databases or ftp users or even managing email accounts. Through Bluehost, I’m able to have [Read more…]

Finally, A site of my own

First, a bit of background My name is Brandon Balentine. I’m thirty something with a degree in graphic arts. I came up through the print industry and eventually converted to web design. There are many reasons for my conversion, but we’ll save that for another conversation. So now I’ve been in web design game for over a decade. At first only as a hobby here and there, but then more seriously through contract work for about the past six years. Small business, hobby sites, blogs, landing pages and [Read more…]